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Many times I surprise when people run behind each others to pull their leg and give birth to jealous. What is the benefit of doing all this stupid things. By doing these acts we are doing nothing but just adding our enemies. This bad things create ill effects in each one's life.

So it is always advisable to live together with no grudges. Laugh a lot and make people laugh. Jokes are the best medium to bring smile on dull faces. We all have right on happiness which come through fun and humor. When we share some jokes, we touche others heart and make others our well wisher. Somewhere in the journey of life these people prove a great help to us. So we should never hate anyone and these jealousy adds in our sins. The more we laugh, more we feel satisfied.

It is always noticed that the person who is of jolly nature has more friends than an ordinary human being. These kind of personalities create lots of fun through their naughty and silly short funny jokes and incidents. They never feel shy and they know how to laugh on their own mistakes.

I always feel that a happy and satisfied person gets more success in life in all aspects. So its never too late to move forward. Just try to spread smile all over to make yourself smile. Always help others and they will return you back with their love and care.

Often I have seen people searching for real happiness and enjoyment. Every one keeps on saying 'Just Enjoy' but are we really following this? Our Boss say us that just enjoy what are you doing and when we start enjoying he himself give us so pressure that we forget what is happiness. So I think when we come home from work, we should find something on which we can laugh. Jokes are the best option at that time. We come closure to our family with Jokes. Our jokes and pranks make their mood and they feel like top of the world. So enjoy the present moment who knows what will happen tomorrow. These small happiness matters a lot. When we share this kind of jokes and funny instances, we reduce the distance between each other and give a satisfaction.