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Girl Noticed

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A girl noticed in the office that a middle aged man was placing the stamp of 'I Love You' on cards and writing - I am still missing you..
Girl went to him and asked, May i know what are you doing?
Man: I am going to send 200 cards and different couples..
Girl: But why are you doing so?
Man: Because i am short of business..
Girl: what business you do?
Man: I am the lawyer of divorce..

Why did a beautiful girl put lipstick on her forehead?
I think she must be trying to make up her mind.

How can you confuse your husband?
No, you can't because he is always been like that.

Seventy percent of married men cheat in Australia.
What about the thirty percent?
They cheat in Thailand!!

A boy in college was flirting with girl..
There were 3 girl standing:
He went to first girl and asked: You have got such a beautiful hair, what is the secret of it?
Girl: It comes by natural..
He went to second girl whose hair were yellow and asked the same question:
Girl: It is by natural.
Than he went to another girl whose hair were blue and asked the same question
Girl replied: It is natural..
Moral: Girl never tell the truth.

Husband messages to wife: I am missing you a lot, what is up there?
Wife replies: Me to but right now i am dying..
Husband: Feels like heaven but still shows some sympathy and replies, oh now, i can not live without you..
Wife: Are you mad, i am not that dying, i am just dying my hairs..
Husband: I wish..

What when you sinned 90 times..
Very simple: you are suppose to be caught 45 times.
It is because we read that SIN 90 = COT 45!!