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A complete Review

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The word 'Short' means a lot in our lives. Actually it is favorite word of everyone. We all utter this word lots of time in our day to day life. Here are some examples:
  • When you born, you are very short.
  • Your parents want you to grow up shortly.
  • You often have short of time and sometimes short of ideas.
  • People like short hair cut.
  • Girl often have short height.
  • Short stories are liked by all.
  • You love to read short jokes as you understand them shortly.
  • Sometimes you leave job in a very short notice.
  • Businessmen make short terms goals.
  • People want to earn money by short cut.
  • Short sale is famous in stock market.
  • Short paths are your favorite to reach anywhere.
  • Many movies has been made on short term memory loss.
  • Short message service is favorite of youngsters.
  • You fall in love with any girl very shortly.
Now you must have about agree on above statements. Now when people don't grow enough and known as short, others make fun of them. But it is not matter of fun. Short people jokes can not harm them anymore. There are lots f benefits of being short, so next time when anyone calls you short, give him/her the solid answer:
  • You can not but i can fit in everywhere.
  • I can get into any door without any stuck up.
  • I look younger even i am not.
  • My clothes life is longer.
  • I need not to eat too much.
  • I get wet by rain after others.
  • I get preference to stand first in the row.
  • My varieties of clothes are easily available.
  • Zero chance of breaking head by doors.
  • I can share shoes with kids also.

So be proud of your this virtue. It is god gift. Also remember that all the great people in history have short height but they had brilliant mind and great will power. Life is too short to make fun of others, so be happy make others happy. Share short jokes and pranks to spread neat and clean humor. Face tough time with confidence and wisdom, shortly it will end up and bring good time in your life.