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Funny Sms Jokes

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Friend1: Do you my son has completed lots of his consignments in train..
Friend2: Than he must had kept track!


What do you call a rope wounded around two trees of people?
Nokia connecting people..

Why did the frog say meow?
Because he was learning a foreign language..

Father's friend: It is too late, you should sleep here at my baby's room.
Boy thought that baby will disturb him at night so he replied: OK, but i will sleep at another room.
At morning he saw a beautiful girl next to her on breakfast table.
She said: i am baby and who are you?
Boy: I am the biggest fool!!

Father: Tell me, what do you do, when nothing goes right?
Son: Simply dad, I go LEFT!

Daughter: Do you know that where we find a sea without water and earth with out people?
Mom: No, Pl share..
Daughter: Very simple, It is on the map..

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