Lots of Funny Actions in Public Place

10 funny actions which you can try while shopping or hanging out to amuse people.

1. See where is alarm clock and set the alarm of ten minute interval.
2. Ride some little electrical car in front of shops.
3, when you walk on ground, sing in your loudest voice possible.
4. Land play with automatic doors.
5. Find their security camera and behave it like a mirror, make faces in front of it.
6. When some friend walking ahead of you, run between them making some whistles.
7. See some gym bags and try to attempt to fit in a very large gym bag.
8. Examine the check out area and try to check out people.
9. Try to hold some indoor shopping cart races.
10. Relax in their luxury furniture until you kicked out.

There are some more things you can do to irritate others.

Don't break the eye contact.

Drop some water balloons from your the balcony.

Don't make the eye contact.

Invite your friends to other friend's party.

Ask people for their gender.

Never use any punctuation.

Promise to meet friends on 30 February.

Repeat people's questions.

Change the program at the climax of scene.

Sick paper at the mid of pages.

Give same reaction at every party.

Some funny things on elevator.

Invite people for group hug eagerly.

Drop your pen silently and when someone bends to lift it, yell "Oh, That's mine!!"

Hold the doors open for long time and say you friend is coming. After a while, let the doors close, and say, "Hi Shawn.. whats up?"

Keep your camera with you and take pictures of everyone in the elevator and say smile please!

Try to create some explosion noises as someone presses any button.

Imaginary draw a square space on the floor and say to the other people that "It is my personal space, stay away!"

Request others to push the button for them, but intentionally push the wrong one.

Tap others people on the their shoulders and hide suddenly and pretend that it wasn't you who did this.

Whenever you reach coming floor, utter "Ding Dong!"

It makes sure that you create lots of funny moments and laughter while spreading these funny actions.


"When your face blushes, the lining of your stomach also turns red."

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