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Jokes are liked by almost each of one on the earth. It gives us opportunity to have blissful laugh. We must agree that laughter is God' blessing for human beings. The things we get from laughter is:

1. We get new life energy
2. We forget all pains and tensions.
3. We start liking our life.
4. Our immune system improves.
5. Our personality gets better.

There are much more untold benefits so why not to have it now. In this blog, we have written hundreds of Funny Jokes so force you have a big smile.

In this post, we will again share some of the best new pranks to experience quick dose of fun.

1. Me: If there are 2 persons and both are wrong, together, can they make right decision?
Ans: NO, see your parents!

2. My Phone rang: Trin trin
I picked up and said : Hello
My friend: Hello buddy, I was thinking I should not ask you but...
Me: Tell me
Him: I need some money..
Me: Yes, you were right. You should not ask.

3. My heart is too big to love only one lady in my young days!

4. If love is life than what food is?

5. I was sitting on the public bench. One stranger came and sat besides me.
I stared at him and asked: Did you bring the money.
He ran..

6. I was foodie in my young days and lazy too!
When my friend and relatives used to ask me: Try Exercise, I often used to reply them: What extra fries?? LOL

7. When he said beautiful brides are found at every corner of earth, I said earth is Round my friend!

8. I don't know whether it happens with me or with all of us. I like wife of others and kids of mine...

9. Love is expensive, try asking from the people who are fallen into it.

10. Love is until we were not married.

11. When she asked me: Are you big boy?
Me: Once I owned Ferrero Rocher....Hahaha

Above quick jokes are just like a starters. This website is filled with many of amazing hilarious contents. Our lives are so fast but we must
pause and give time to ourselves. We must take a relax breath, We try to inhale good thoughts and exhale negative energy.

When we start living the present moment, our quality of life gets better. Time flies so we must value it. The main thing is that whatever you do, do it with your heart. Give your 100% so that you should not regret. Entertainment is everywhere but you must have willing to find it.

With These Jokes - Creating Humor in Less Time is Kid's Game

Short of time? Try these 2-3 liners Jokes to have quick dose of laughter. You will surely make people laugh with these tremendously funny hilarious fast pranks.

1. Funny jokes Out of my mind. Back in five minutes
Out of my mind. Back in five minutes.

2. Jokes what do you wish for
If they ask me: What do you wish for?
My Reply: Give me billions of Dollars. I want to experience how can Money not be able makes you Happy!

3. Girlfriend is like ice cream jokes
Girlfriend is like ice cream - easily melts but wife is like hard metal can’t be bent.

4. If you can not convince them, confuse them joke.
If you can’t convince them, confuse them.

5. prank on mother son
Mother: Come on, answer me at once. How much is nine plus eight?
Son: At once!

6. Death is hereditary
Death is hereditary.

7. New Job Joke
In my new Job: I pretended to work.
They were smarter: They pretended to pay me.

8. short jokes on early to bed
If you think that Early to bed, early to rise makes you wise than rethink..
It gonna makes people suspicious about YOU!

9. go over somewhere prank
Do not follow, for I may not lead. Do not lead, for I may not follow. Just go over there somewhere, please?

10. joke on experience
Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.

11. marriage funny
Marriage is too interesting an experiment to be tried only once.

12. Practice joke
They Say: Practice makes a man Perfect.
They also say: Nobody is Perfect.
I Concluded: Why to Practice!

Hundreds of New Funny Jokes to Impress with Good Sense of Humor

Read and share these impressive Funny Jokes to make people laugh immediately. These Jokes are 100% fresh/new and gonna make you remember-able for your ultimate sense of humor.

From birth til 25 years, me and my better half was living amazing life..
Then we got married!

That Kid surprised me when I asked the reason for putting 2 stones in his both ears..
He said: He likes rock music.

He told me to treat your everyday like it is your last day..
One day I will be right.

4. My friend told me: Money isn't everything!
Me replied: But my kids are in touch because of it!

5. The awkward moment when you predict that fart is coming out silently and when it does: It sounds like a Machine Gun!

6. I imagine sometimes that when bald people wash their face, how far up do they go!

7. Do you know that competition where everyone wins..
Me: There is not real!
It is called Look a Like competition in China!

8. A Jealous women is better that CBI detective!

9. 2 friends had a fight.
Girl: If you were my life partner, I would have mixed poison in your Tea!
Man: If you were mine, I would have drunken that Tea!

2020 Best Short Jokes to Laugh Out Loud

First quarter of 2020 is gone but here are 2020 best Short Jokes to make rest of quarters with full of laughter, fun and entertainment.

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Do you know the best thing about Switzerland?
Well, not sure but the Flag is a big Plus..

What breed of dog can jump higher than a hut?
Any Dog.. Because Hut can't jump!

Why does Scientists are doubtful about atoms?
Because they make up everything!

What you gonna call a train loaded with Chewing-gum?
A Chew Chew Train!

The world smallest Joke!
A group of women sitting Quit!

How many time you can subtract 5 from 50?
Only once because next time it won't be 50 , it will be 45 ! :))

I am unable to laugh at myself..
Invite me, I will laugh at you..

You won't be able to see my 6 packs.
For safety, they are hidden with a layer of my stomach FATs!

Relative: Oh My God! Your room is so messy..
Me: Well, It may be but I know where everything is..

One of cousin is so short that even when he sneezes, his nose touches the ground!

Can you tell me that which milk is better: Cow or Sheep?
Step - Mother

My brother is master in stand up comedy, other day he made joke about a person who can't smell, can't, see can't taste, can't talk..
I realized that it was senseless!

Best Funny Jokes Ever

Bored? Here are our collection of New and Best Funny Jokes your ever read. The gonna add taste of humor and laughter into your live so share, laugh and enjoy.

funny jokes what do you get from cow
What do you get from Pampered Cow?
Spoiled Milk!

How are you
Where are you
In your heart :)

Rest in peace of boiling water.
You will be MIST!

Why can't male aunts sink?
They are bouy-ant

Did you hear about two people who stole a calendar?
They each got six months!

How does Moses make Tea?
He Brews!

I invented a new word.

Random Joke

Teacher: why you were absent yesterday?
Student: Because I had a dream that my class teacher met with an accident!

New Generation Joke

 Chatting Chatting!!
Girlfriend Setting
Telling lie?
Open your whatsapp/Fb
HAHAHA :))))

The word - SORRY

What a different meaning of sorry. They teaches we should always say sorry so that others should not feel offended..
But if Dr. says the same ---- Life gone!!!

No Girlfriend

Michael: Why are you so sad?
James: My friend, whole year have been passed away but no girlfriend...
I am waiting till 14 feb if I could not make any girlfriend then it is understood that I have been born to add a number into population only:((

Billionaire to Poor

Billionaire man: I have millions of bank balance, big cars , luxury houses, servents, gardens, Hotels, factories etc...
What the you have man??
Poor man: Sorry, I have nothing but a son, in whose love your daughter is crazy and ready to die..

Where to keep my money..

Mother: I am very much tensed.. wherever I keep my money - he steals. I am so worried.. ow to hide my money...
Husband: Just keep them in his books... He never touches them..LOL

Wife is depreesed

Husband: You seems to be very depressed from last few days
Wife: Yes..
Husband: Visit a Dr.
Wife: I did
Husband: What he said
Wife: I should go for shopping...

Pigeon Accident

Once a pigeon got accident with car and when pigeon opens his eyes, he was in cage.
Pigeon reacted: Ops, I sentenced jail, is the car driver got died?

Will Join Next Year

Man in interview: Congrats, you got selected.
Man: What is the package?
Interviewee: USD 36000 every year, and from next year it would be USD 43000.
Man: Ok, bye?
Interviewee: What happened?
Man: I will join next year..

Just Joking

Husband to wife: You are very sweet, innocent, cute and caring. I love you so much. Your smile kills. You are megnatic.
Wife: Thank you. So what are you doing?
Husband: I am just joking...

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