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New Generation Joke

 Chatting Chatting!!
Girlfriend Setting
Telling lie?
Open your whatsapp/Fb
HAHAHA :))))

The word - SORRY

What a different meaning of sorry. They teaches we should always say sorry so that others should not feel offended..
But if Dr. says the same ---- Life gone!!!

No Girlfriend

Michael: Why are you so sad?
James: My friend, whole year have been passed away but no girlfriend...
I am waiting till 14 feb if I could not make any girlfriend then it is understood that I have been born to add a number into population only:((

Billionaire to Poor

Billionaire man: I have millions of bank balance, big cars , luxury houses, servents, gardens, Hotels, factories etc...
What the you have man??
Poor man: Sorry, I have nothing but a son, in whose love your daughter is crazy and ready to die..

Where to keep my money..

Mother: I am very much tensed.. wherever I keep my money - he steals. I am so worried.. ow to hide my money...
Husband: Just keep them in his books... He never touches them..LOL

Wife is depreesed

Husband: You seems to be very depressed from last few days
Wife: Yes..
Husband: Visit a Dr.
Wife: I did
Husband: What he said
Wife: I should go for shopping...

Pigeon Accident

Once a pigeon got accident with car and when pigeon opens his eyes, he was in cage.
Pigeon reacted: Ops, I sentenced jail, is the car driver got died?

Will Join Next Year

Man in interview: Congrats, you got selected.
Man: What is the package?
Interviewee: USD 36000 every year, and from next year it would be USD 43000.
Man: Ok, bye?
Interviewee: What happened?
Man: I will join next year..

Just Joking

Husband to wife: You are very sweet, innocent, cute and caring. I love you so much. Your smile kills. You are megnatic.
Wife: Thank you. So what are you doing?
Husband: I am just joking...

Job for Married People

Sir: Why do you give job to married people only?
Boss: Because, they are habitual of insult and they are not in hurry to go back to home,,,

Self control of wives

Man to his wife: How to do self control - people should learn from you..
Wife: Thank you but how?
Husband:You have lot of SUGAR in your body but it never comes to your tongue...(Sweet talks)
Funny...hahaha.. just kidding...

Getting ready for Marriage

Friend with girl: So you are getting married, and preparations have been done?
Girl: Yes, I have thrown my both sims, formatted my smart phones and deactivated the FB account, only you just need to keep your mouth shut.

Hunting Lion

Wife: Why are standing at door with Gun?
Man: I am going to hunt the Lion..
Wife: Then why you do not go?
Man: Dog is staring me outside...

New currency But Bank Employees..

Some People say: our 500 Rs. note gone some says our 1000 rs notes gone..
But what is our fault ..our all saturdays & sundays have gone.. (Bank employee)

Half Headache

Wife: I have headache in half portion of the head.
Hubby: You have half ind so headache is also in...
And - Big fight til early morning.