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No Girlfriend

Michael: Why are you so sad?
James: My friend, whole year have been passed away but no girlfriend...
I am waiting till 14 feb if I could not make any girlfriend then it is understood that I have been born to add a number into population only:((

Billionaire to Poor

Billionaire man: I have millions of bank balance, big cars , luxury houses, servents, gardens, Hotels, factories etc...
What the you have man??
Poor man: Sorry, I have nothing but a son, in whose love your daughter is crazy and ready to die..

Where to keep my money..

Mother: I am very much tensed.. wherever I keep my money - he steals. I am so worried.. ow to hide my money...
Husband: Just keep them in his books... He never touches them..LOL

Wife is depreesed

Husband: You seems to be very depressed from last few days
Wife: Yes..
Husband: Visit a Dr.
Wife: I did
Husband: What he said
Wife: I should go for shopping...

Pigeon Accident

Once a pigeon got accident with car and when pigeon opens his eyes, he was in cage.
Pigeon reacted: Ops, I sentenced jail, is the car driver got died?

Will Join Next Year

Man in interview: Congrats, you got selected.
Man: What is the package?
Interviewee: USD 36000 every year, and from next year it would be USD 43000.
Man: Ok, bye?
Interviewee: What happened?
Man: I will join next year..

Just Joking

Husband to wife: You are very sweet, innocent, cute and caring. I love you so much. Your smile kills. You are megnatic.
Wife: Thank you. So what are you doing?
Husband: I am just joking...

Job for Married People

Sir: Why do you give job to married people only?
Boss: Because, they are habitual of insult and they are not in hurry to go back to home,,,

Self control of wives

Man to his wife: How to do self control - people should learn from you..
Wife: Thank you but how?
Husband:You have lot of SUGAR in your body but it never comes to your tongue...(Sweet talks)
Funny...hahaha.. just kidding...

Getting ready for Marriage

Friend with girl: So you are getting married, and preparations have been done?
Girl: Yes, I have thrown my both sims, formatted my smart phones and deactivated the FB account, only you just need to keep your mouth shut.

Hunting Lion

Wife: Why are standing at door with Gun?
Man: I am going to hunt the Lion..
Wife: Then why you do not go?
Man: Dog is staring me outside...

New currency But Bank Employees..

Some People say: our 500 Rs. note gone some says our 1000 rs notes gone..
But what is our fault ..our all saturdays & sundays have gone.. (Bank employee)

Half Headache

Wife: I have headache in half portion of the head.
Hubby: You have half ind so headache is also in...
And - Big fight til early morning.

That one thing

Can you answer what is that 1 thing which is always yours...never of your wife?
Mistake ::))

Laugh in a Seconds like crazies on these truly funny Jokes

We never leave any stone unturned to entertain our readers so here we come again with some of the truly funniest jokes to make you/anybody laugh in seconds.

We truly believe that life should be full of smile and you can count on us for this because we are entertaining the world from over a decade. So read, enjoy and share the best collection of newest pranks here:

1.) Husband with friend: I got up early in the morning and went to kitchen and made tea.
Than I got remember that wife has gone to her mom's house.
I am thinking: Was that love or her fear..

2.) Some boys luck is so bad that even in the game of keram, they won't win the queen.

3.) Wife: It is height. How many things a wife should take care? You, your family, your kids, your parents?
Husband: You just take care of your tongue everything else will be taken care of automatically.

4.) My tension increases when friends asks extra sheet in exam.

5.) The pain of break up can be expressed by a girl who recharges her phone herself.

6.) Wife: I would have been 'Time', everybody would have respected me.
Husband: Nope, Everybody would have said that Oh no, see bad time is coming..