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Mr. X: Tell me short, smart and the best way to prevent milk from getting sour?
Mr. Y: Better to leave it in cow itself..

What did a funny handsome dog says to a beautiful bitch on a candle light dinner
near romantic river in the open moonlight.
what else it can say!!!

Husband was waiving his arms at home and searching..
Wife: What are doing?
Husband: Killing ants and i killed 2 male and 3 female ants..
Wife: How do you know about male and female?
Husband: 2 were on beer cant and 2 were on cell phone..

Male: Woman use 30000 words in a day
but in case of man, it is 15000.
Female: The reason has to be because we have to repeat everything to men.
Male turned on and asked: 'What'.

When the best actors are chosen by another actors, it's called Oscars.
But when the best actors are chosen by the people it's called an elections...

Chat of kids:
1st kid: Do you know why is 6 scared from 7 ?
2nd kid: Because 7 ate 9...

Hubby: From year start till year end, from romance till our silver-anniversary,
from day till night, my feeling has never been changed for you..
Wife: Wow, what are your feelings for me?
Hubby: You are always been headache for me!