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Skills for Sharing Jokes

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You must have noticed that some people have quality of making others laugh. They have got the capability of impressing other people. Whatever they say, we feel good and interesting. We feel like we hear it again and again. It is because they have master in the art of expressing the things. They know how to attract the audience. They know what audience like and how to say it. They know what is the reaction of their expressions. It is an art and can be learn easily.

You must be thinking that why they do not hesitate or feel shy. I tell you why, it is because they have been taught that "Always think and believe that you are the best and smart one and every one else, who is listening you, is a big fool so deliver your best."

I would like to share some of the things which you should do before cracking jokes for fun and humor.

- Practice a lot and make yourself master of things.
- You should be very creative.
- Always try to do something different.
- A good speaker is one who able to maintain lots of suspense.

There are some qualities you must learn before making any jokes:-

- You have to learn fluency before making any humor.
- You must do lots of practice for perfection.
- Your timing must be good enough.
- You voice and body language should be supportive.

If you are not very much confident on what you are going to present. You should practice with your family and friends. You must be master of making drama. You need to create a good story and should present it in such a way so you could able to gain everyone's attention.

You should also take care that what your audience is expecting. It is always better to keep it short and simple. And pause for a while for getting more attention. Keep the twist with lots of examples.
And after that put up your punch line so that they can laugh. Wish you all happy laughing.

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