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Clean Jokes for Fun and Humor.

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Imagine the situation when you are with your family and someone tells a dirty joke. It is very embarrassing situation. At that time you can not say anything but feel annoyed inside. You can not make eye contact at that time. Although jokes are good medium to spread fun and humor, but one should see the atmosphere while saying a joke.
That is why I always appreciate Clean Jokes. They are good for health and welcome every where. They have got decency and soberness. These kinds of pranks bring fun and give satisfaction. There is no limit of environment. It is good with family, friend and office staff.
So I always see these five reasons to share these kind elegant Jokes:
• They do not contain vulgarity and presentable everywhere
• They are good medium for spreading laughter and fun in atmosphere
• No one feels offended after listening them
• There is no hesitation to speak them in front of anyone
• They create good humor and brighten up the environment
Now you must be convinced that reading and sharing clean jokes leads to good humor and fun with peace of mind and of course laughter works more than medicine without any side effects. Laughter defuses the stress and pressure which comes from different circumstances. It is the sign of happiness and satisfaction.
There are problems with every human being. I have not seen anyone who is tension free. But tensions create stress and there is no benefit to be sad every time. Take the things in positive way. Never loose a single chance which makes you smile. Take help of Jokes, pranks, comics, TV shows and share your own funny experiences with friends and family to bring humor and laughter. It has rightly been said that " Laughter is the spark of the soul."
Smiling faces attract everyone. I personally like to read fresh and neat jokes so that I can share them with everyone. I feel if we make someone happy, a level of satisfaction, we feel inside after. So love the life and make it a pleasant journey of learning unforgettable experiences.