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Reason for Smile

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Humor and jokes are behind your smile which works like a magic

We interact with each other for different Purposes in the business deals, Family functions, Journey or Picnic etc. Some are good friends and relatives. Heart and mind gets impress with them who have got Jolly nature with good sense of humor. Smiling Faces are welcome in every occasion. Sparking eyes with smiling lips gives a relaxation to the interacting person and makes the moment unforgettable. Smile is like a Magnet. It makes the human being a Flamboyant personality.
Smile helps in healing procedure of body and reduces the stress. It strikes a balance between different aspects of life.
The thing which bound to happen, we can not change. The only thing which is our hand is to face the situation boldly, answer them with a confident smile and positive action.
Doctor often says to their Patients that "Do not take any tension and keep your self happy". Because a happy-go-lucky. It reduces tensions.
Smile is a cooling system of Heart, Sparking system of Eyes, Lighting system of Face, Relaxing system of Mind, So activate all your system, Keep Smiling. It costs nothing and gives many hidden advantages.
God gives Life once, so why to waste it in depression tensions and crying. Enjoy what you have got.
Celebrate small-small happiness with your family and friends. Live each and every moment. Whenever you meet with anyone, try to make him happy. For that you can start with jokes and Pranks. It creates a fiction of funny moments.

Jokes are helpful in bringing immense amount of Laughter. One can gather funny material like jokes and funny stories from Internet, television laughter shows, comics and magazines etc. A good joke helps to cheer up the mood.
Jokes prove like a helping hand in burnout the anxiety.

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