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Whenever you fall down never lose hope!!
Gather all your courage and strength and get up again ..
and say......

"Hey one more peg Please..!!!"

A five year old boy was asked by his teacher the sum of 5+5.
Teacher won't allow him to use his fingers, stretching out his fingers one by one
to calculate.
But he was so habitual to use his fingers so he put both the hands into his pant without teacher's knowledge .
He was calculating his finger like one. two, three and answered Eleven.!!

A cool man said: Do you know that I haven’t seen my ex-wife for over five years. Nobody else has either; and I’ll never tell !!

Son: Dad, if the people of turkey known as Turks,
than the people of Germany known as Germs?
Dad: Confused!

A smart and honest person words: I tend to be a pretty responsible person. I’ve got a wife and kids … somewhere !!

Man: You can come to my sweet home with me and we can do whatever we want – as long as we do not wake up my mother !!

Can you believe me if I share with you that I have a house on a wow beach? No?
What about an apartment with seven roommates in posh area?
That’s something realistic – and we have rent control!! Pl do not mind..