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You Can Share Happiness

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Fun and laughter both are a very essential part of our life. The life without smiles, laughter and entertainment is very empty. There are many ways to bring smiles and laughter. Reading Funny comics, watching laughter shows, gossip with friends and family, hearing jokes etc.

Life is very fast today. Pressure and responsibilities made the human life very hard. Jokes give us a reason to laugh. They are very short and easy to read and remember and bring immediate smile on the face and wash out all the stress of mind. It stops the impairment of stress on mind.

A good laugh is as good as we do exercise and helps to stay away from many physical problems. The proverb "Laughter is the best medicine" shows the importance of laugh in life. Jokes are very helpful to bring natural laughter. Charlie Chaplin rightly said, " The most wasted day in life, is the day in which, we have not laughed". A good laugh helps to break all hindrance of the life and teach us to keep on moving. It tries to pacify the storm of mind. Funny jokes impel the human being to live life happily. A good laugh inspires quailed heart to move on.

When there is idle time, sharing funny jokes among the groups, is the best way for utilizing the time. It gives a introduction of one's personality and shows the confidence n an individual. It helps to know the communication skill of speaker. A jolly nature man is appreciated every where. He is life and soul of parties.

Short funny jokes are very easy to remember and automatically come out of mouth. It spread smile, laugh and happiness all over. There are various type of jokes available online. One may find it i.e. comic-books, websites, TV. Shows, funny messages etc. It changes the mood and brings us in the world of imagination of funny situations. It makes the life worth living.