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Humor for all Celebrations.

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'Short Jokes are the Best Medium to Create Fun at All Celebrations.'

We like spending our vacant time in participating in lots of activities. We can not sit idle and try to do some kind of funny activities. But among all activities, jokes are the best way to utilize the time. We often get many chances to share different kinds of pranks in many celebrations. I would like to share some occasions and the kind of jokes to be shared at that time:-

For friends: There is no formality in friendship. You are welcome to share any kind of pranks with friends. You can share clean jokes and dirty or naughty jokes with your mates. I would rather say that they prefer to hear dirty and naughty jokes instead of clean or social jokes. You can have lots of fun and laughter with your well-wishers.

For family and relatives: It is the place where you care for limitation and boundaries. The family and relatives always like to hear clean jokes with a good message. Here you find your cousins, parents, uncle, aunts etc. Your cousins, in same age group, may like to hear some naughty jokes. So you can make your relation stronger while creating a good sense of humor with them. You can share social jokes with your elders to start a conversation.

For Birthdays and anniversaries: These kind of occasions are common and everyone wants to celebrate them with full enjoyment. So lots of jokes are there on birthdays and anniversaries. Even you can make naughty jokes on couples to pull their legs and no one take it wrong, even they enjoy it.

For tours and travels: We usually go outside to see the world and to change our atmosphere. We travel by car, bus or plane. You can share many funny instances there to spend your journey time. That is the time when people around you feel a little bore and you can show your existence with your active sense of humor. You can share some social and family jokes to fill the environment with fun.

For marriage and parties: You can play many funny jokes in marriage and parties. In these kind of functions you meet with lots of your old friends and relatives. You can share your old childhood memories with them. Here is the place where your may seek for your girlfriend/boyfriend or life partner. So get noticed with your laughter and good sense of humor.

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