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Life and Sense of humor

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God is great. He has given us lots of qualities and weakness. We often feel very happy in good time and get depressed in bad time. Good and bad time both are the part of human being's life. It depends on our thinking and attitude which determines how to react and how to absorb the tough time. It is very tough to be neutral all the time but it is idle to follow the same.

It is the natural behavior of human being that he/she does not get satisfied. A new hope and expectation rises after finishing one. The time is like a river, it keeps on flowing. So it is always advisable that we should enjoy our present with jokes and should learn from it as present is very precious time of our life. It is present which becomes past and we wait for it as future. One should face the situation with welcome smile and eager to get the best out of it.

Think really matters to think about your purpose of being in the world and avoid useless talks. Fee l happy to be a reason for someone's laugh. Laughter is priceless. When laughter comes, all tension automatically runs. So why not to make each moment remember able with good sense of humor. Do not sit idle, you can share your best jokes and funny instances to keep up the momentum. While doing this you will feel more happy and satisfied when some laugh because of you. Always keep your eyes on your target and spread the scent of laughter on everyone. It costs nothing but give you lots of gain.

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