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Funny Question - Answers

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Here we go:-

Q: What are those two things which are necessary to keep your wife happy.
A: The first is to let her think she is having her own way, and the other is to let her have it..

Q: What is the difference between husband and boyfriend?
A: 30 minutes!

Q: How do you know that the earth won't come to an end?
A: Because it is round!

Q: What has a head and a tail but there is no body?
A: It is a coin.

Q: What does letter 'T' and island have in common?
A: Well, they both are in the middle of the water..

Q: What does the statue of liberty stand for?
A: Because it can not sit down.

Q: Why doesn't Law permit a man to marry a second woman?
A: Because as per law, one can not be punished twice for the same offense!!!

Q: Why can not your nose be 12" long?
A: Because it would be a foot.

Q: Where does a math student eat his lunch?
A: At the multiplication table.

Q: What would you call a super man when he lost his power?
A: A man!!!

Q: Where do sheep go to hair cut?
A: The baa baa shop!!

Q: What do you cal a funny box with six ducks in?
A: A box of quackers.!!

Q: What three countries make someone want to eat?
A: Grease, hungry and turkey!!

Q: What do a sea monster eats?
A: Obviously, Fishes and ships..

Q: Why the frogs are so good and happy?
A: Because they eat whatever bugs them


"When a baby giraffe is born, it falls six feet, normally without getting hurt."

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