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Kill Loneliness

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It is not good to be alone. The distinction from the outer world results in loneliness. It is the state of mind and often results in many bad diseases. It hurts physically and mentally. It may lead you to the feeling of depression. So it is advisable make strong network of friends and family. It gives us strength, power and cheeriness. A Person who stays alone and does not take parts in fun and humor are doing worst with his life. Human being is a social creature.

There are many more problems come along with loneliness. I share some of them:

- Depression
- Negative thoughts
- Anger
- Anxiety
- Stress
- Physical weakness

These problems are very dangerous for human health and mind. One should not let them to develop. We should try be a part of society, friends and family and enjoy. Sometimes we want to come out of the feeling of loneliness but do not find the right way. It impedes all progress of life.

I would like to tell you that short jokes are the best way to break the silence. They kill loneliness, cheer up us and evoke us to stay connected with people.

I share some best ways to overcome loneliness:

- Utilize your free time in meeting with friends.
- Find new jokes on web and share them with your dear ones.
- Try to laugh on all funny events and instances.
- Take part in sports activities.
- Watch T.V. shows with your family and comment on the character.
- Make healthy relation with everyone, this will improve your life in all aspects.
- If you have any tension, do not sit alone, go and share it with your family, you will feel better
- Believe that by making others happy will give you more satisfaction, so make others smile with your funny jokes.

It is very good to live and share happiness with each other. You can not enjoy the things alone. Show your existence to the world and spread laughter all over with your behavior.

So you can always break your loneliness with playing Jokes. It give chance to everyone to express his/her sense of humor.

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