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How to Write

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Father: You are looking so happy today, What new think did you learn today in school?
Son: Dad, I came to know How to write..
Father: Good, So what did you write?
Son: Well, that I don't know as didn't learn how to read yet..

Husband: OK, Can you answer me that what would you call an alligator in a vest?
Wife: Ha Ha, Very simple, Its a investigator..

Boy asked to his gym coach: I want to impress my girlfriend, Pl suggest me which machine should i use?
Gym Coach: Best machine to impress any girl is an ATM Machine.

Husband: Am i look like a fool?
Wife: No at all, but what is the value of my opinion compared to that of hundreds of others !!

Man at gift shop: I want to buy a ladies wrist watch..
Shopkeeper asked shortly: Do you want it for your spouse or should i show you a branded one??

Dad: My son, You are now 18 years old.
It is the best time to discuss with you about love and dating.
Son: Sure dad, Pl ask me your doubts.. I am here to help you out!!

One lady said to another: If your hubby sends you romantic messages then be very happy.. It is really a pleasure..
But think who is sending those messages to your husband..??
My job is done..

Son: Dad, what is marriage?
Dad: Dear, It is an institution where a man loses his bachelor's degree and female gets her Masters one!

Man at book store: I need a book on topic 'Short ideas on full control on women'
Salesman: Pl move into our next row of 'fiction section'.