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First friend: Do you know, How to differentiate an old person from a young person?
Second friends: Very easy ! An old person can sing and brush their teeth simultaneously..

Employee: Boss, I can not believe on my wife. She goes to bar daily and do whatever she wants to do. She do not talk to me. What should i d?
Boss: Do not worry, take it easy, keep patience, calm down.. Now tell, what is the address, where she goes daily??

Teacher: How old your dad is?
Student : Miss, as old as me..
Teacher : How is that possible?
Kids: Simply because he became a dad only when I was born..

Customer: Can you give me a towel?
Waiter: Yes, but please wait someone else is using it.

John: Why can't you play jokes on snakes?
Dacy: Simply, because you can't pull their legs..

Michal: Do yo know why women can't drive?
Lucy: Because there no road between the kitchen and the bedroom!

Britney: What is the example of positive thinking of short people?
Jazz: I am not short, i am fun sized...

Teacher: What is the plural of mouse?
Student: Mice
Teacher: What is the plural of baby?
Student: Twins..

Jazz: My wife got me to believe in region..
Mack: Very funny.. How come?
Jazz: I experienced hell after marriage..

Professor: Why you were missing from last 2 days?
Student: I only have one short uniform and that was washed day before yesterday
Professor: And what about yesterday?
Student: I was passing through your home and found your dress drying so i returned back !!

Teacher: You scored zero marks on 500 words article..
Student: But i did well..
Teacher: You painted a picture..
Funny student: But that painting is worth 50 words..

Funny Rats Chat..
Rat1: I am so brave that i caught in rat trap and bit it very easily..
Rat2: Not done, me digested the whole bottle of rat poison and enjoyed..
Rat3: Bye, it is my time to go home to irritate the cat...

Dad: Which is better the moon or the sun?
Son: The Moon, because it gives us light at night when we really need it and sun gives light in day the time time when we do not really need it!

Girls always think about marrying a man expecting that he will change, but he doesn't..
Boys often think to marrying a woman expecting that she will never change and she does !!

Son: Girls do not understand me.
Mom: Why?
Son: Because they think that I have lots more issues than Life magazine. !!


"The secret of humor is surprise." ~Aristotle

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