Impress Your Special One

Seven Steps to Impress Your Special One..

It is natural that boys get attracted toward girls. But it is very difficult to impress girls. Girls always seek for a good life partner. They imagine that their dream boy must be smart, caring, supportive and have a jolly nature. So guys gear up, it is not easy to impress 21st century girls. But I can tell you some of the best ways to get girls attention. Here we go:

• Bring some fun and humor in your nature.
• Share some of the best short jokes with positive body language.
• Make yourself interesting and attractive.
• Show your energy level attract the crowd.
• Do not feel embarrass while sharing your personal funny incident. It is good to fun at yourself.
• You can expose your other qualities, like your attractive smile, your dressing sense, hair style etc., while playing jokes because at that time listeners pay attentions to you, look at your face and hear you only.
• Always take care for the type of jokes you are going to share. Some girls like sexy naughty jokes while others may like jokes about friends and family.

It does not mean that there is no space for emotions. Girls like emotional persons. It touches direct to their heart. If you have a feeling for girl just make her friend with the help of Funny material and than make her feel about your love with your emotions. Normally the feeling of love start with:-

• Life seems so beautiful with her.
• Heart starts sinking. while meeting her.
• You find the reasons to call to her.

So express your feelings for your special one and get noticed with the help of your jovial mood.

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