On Waiters

Customer: There is a dead beetle in my soup.
Waiter: Yes, boss, they are not very good swimmers..

Customer: Waiter, this soup tastes funny!
Waiter: Our chef must have been laughing when he prepared it..

Short tempered Customer: What is the meaning of this cockroach in my salad?
Waiter: How would i know sir, i am not a fortune teller..

Short Man: Waiter, do you have chicken legs?
Waiter: No sir, i always walk like this..

Customer: Waiter come here shortly, I can't eat this chicken, call the manager.
Waiter: What is the benefit, he won't eat it either!

Old man: Waiter, this dish tastes funny.
Waiter: Funny? then why are you not laughing?

Girl: Waiter, there is fly in my soup.
Waiter: Don't worry mam, it won't drink much!!

Customer: Do you want me to wait here till I die of starvation?
Waiter: No, we close at ten o' clock.

Customer: There is a dead fly in my bean soup.
Waiter: Oh No! this hot soup must have killed it boss.

Customer: There is the short fly in the butter.
Waiter: Yes sir, it is a short butterfly!

Man: Waiter, this coffee is like mud.
Waiter: Yes sir, it's fresh ground.

Customer: There is only one piece of chicken in my plate.
Waiter: Don't worry sir, let me cut it in to two..


"Humor is the instinct for taking pain playfully." ~Max Eastman

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