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Health and Humor

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Humor and jokes help us in being healthy. Health is the necessity for all human beings. You can not enjoy anything until you are fit and fine. There is very strong relation between good health and happiness. If you are sad and tensed, you can not maintain good health. So there are some ideas which enable you to be happy for the sake of your health with smile and laughter.

When I am talking about health, it does not only mean physical health, it also refers to mental health. Rather mental health is much more important for us. So there are some important steps to keep yourself mentally healthy:-

• Do not take the things very personally.
• Make a habit of reading good and motivational books.
• Take necessary vitamins to make your mind sharp.
• Do not sit idle, keep on doing something creative.
• Have a dose of laughter through funny material and be relaxed.
• Keep your work up to date.
• Keep yourself busy and do not take part in controversial matters.

So now you came to know that how to make yourself mentally healthy. But after taking care of your mental health, take step to make yourself physically fit. We can do all work successfully with healthy body, so It needs to be taken care. You can follow below mentioned steps to make yourself physically strong:-

• Always avoid alcohol, it is protoplasmic poison.
• Add fresh fruits and green vegetable in your routine diet.
• Take 8-10 glass clean water in a day.
• Get up early in the morning and go for a walk.
• You should not talk too much on cell phone; its radiation may cause your brain.

These are the basics to maintain your health. Above all you should try to adopt good sense of humor. You should laugh a lot in a day. There are lots of funny jokes which help to bring laughter on our faces. It is really good for your health. So enjoy life with jokes. I am sure that if we follow all these steps than health is only few step away. We can enjoy our life with good health only. One can play jokes and pranks to make life interesting and most enjoyable.

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