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Luaghter, Jokes and its Appropriate Time.

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It is being said that laughter is the best medicine but all things look good when the right time comes. I remember the time when my friends were cracking some jokes and suddenly our teacher came in, at that time i was unable to stifle my laughter and as a result i was slapped by her. Jokes apart, it is a fact that you may offend someone by laugh during some serious moments. You may become victim of their anger.

So you must understand some situations where you should not try to jokes:-

- When someone is unknown/unfamiliar about anything and does some mistakes, at that time do not laugh, even you should go and guide him/her. You will earn lot of respect.

- If there is some mishaps due to some negligence, you should not laugh. It can be happen with anybody.

- If someone fail in his/her efforts and gets demotivate, at that time you should support instead of making fun.

- You should see others reaction before laughing otherwise you will be a laughing stock for everyone.

- When some of your friend or family member is in deep tension, do not try to crack any jokes. Just try to understand the situation and console him/her.

- When someone is cheated on by anyone or any tragedy happens, never laugh, he/she may not feel good at that time.

This is all about common sense and maturity. These are the basics and one should be clear about all this. Some jokes have got material of criticism and may hurt someone's feelings, so better to take care of this. Fun, humor and laughter are being made for making everyone happy, not throwing comments on others. I am sure that by following these tips you will be consider as good human being and increase your friends list.

Life is really a wonderful but short journey. We should always follow the rule of right thing at right time. Many people do not have any grudges against anyone but still make everyone their enemy because they do not know what to say and when o say. So wait for appropriate time to explore your ability of creating fun and humor and crack your jokes at right time with right person.

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