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Cute One

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Married men experience..
After asking from all married men experience we can say that the Marriage is the only process of searching out what type of man your spouse would have preferred.

Amazing bike..
Lady: What is the name of your Bike?
Man: Oh, I forgot the name, but it starts with ‘T’.
Lady: Wow, what a amazing bike, starts with Tea. All vehicles usually start with petrol..

I love my husband..
Jania: I just love my husband and so happy that he is so well mannered.
Suzie: I am surprised how can you tell this? I heard that he arrested and imprisoned for 3 years.
Jania: Yes, it is true but haven't you heard that he got out after 1 years just for good behavior inside..

Loan without interest..
Salesman: Sr, we can give you home loan without interest..
Officer: If you don't have interest than why are you offering it??

Father talks about his son..
Father: I am very tensed because my son does not listen to anything whatever i say to him.
Friend: It is really strange. Is he so adamant?
Man 1: Well not at all but he is deaf...

Sweet kids, Just like you?
Friend1: How cute your kids are: They just look as good as you..
Friend2: Pl be silent and say slowly, They are not mine kids, They are our neighbor's kids.

Wife does not care..
Michal: I am so sad, my wife does not care for me. I just want to grab her attention.
Sunny: It is so easy, you have to o one thing..
Michal: What , tell me, i can do anything for this..
Sunny: Just try to look Happy and comfortable..

Today morning, i saw a girl..
Wife: Do you know today morning, I saw an attractive and cute Girl.
Husband: Oh wow. Great! So what next?
Wife: I just could not stop myself from raising her.. She is an angel.
Husband in anger: Will you please tel me where you saw her?
She Smiled and replied: In the Mirror while i was doing make up..

Man after drink..
Man after drink with a stranger..
He said: Where are you from?
Another drunk one replied: I am from a great place where people do not end a sentence with a preposition.
Where are you from fool? He asked again..

Patient and doctor..
Patient to Doctor: I am so tired. Do you know that i searched whole town but unable to get your prescribed medicines .
Doctor: Oh no !! it was you who theft mine scribble slips!

We all are time travelers..
Father: World is like a train, we all are time travelers moving at the speed of exactly sixty minutes per hour..