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Why to Have laughter?

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Laughter - It is the magical blessing to human being which makes our heart relax and refreshes our mind. It is necessary for healthy soul and body. Jokes and funny stuff give us reasons for laughter. Successful life is the mixture of laughter and seriousness. Laughter releases endorphins those are more potent than equivalent amount of morphine also decreases the We must understand how to maintain balance between them and it results in reduction of pain and problems in human body.

Pranks and funny contents result in laughter which has lots of positive effects like:

#1 Your day becomes more happier, energetic and good.

#2 You give yourself positive vibes when you read humorous material.

#3 You come close to your friends and relative when you share some jokes.

#4 Your communication skills improves.

#5 People wait for you in their get-together and parties as you make the moment
enjoyable with your sense of humor.

#6 Work pressure reduces and after refreshment new ideas come.

#7 Your official and personal life improves.

#8 You get a break from routine work and entertainment diverts your mind.

#9 No one feels bore in your company as you have lots of funny things to talk about.

#10 Whenever tough arrives, you can rise to the occasion magnificently because you have power to divert your mind and cope with circumstances calmly.

#11 Sharing jokes, creating fun and humor result in better work capacity and your productivity automatically increases. You become a great leader and good human being in every aspect of life.

#12 Your well wishers, your friend circle grows rapidly.

#13 You become more creative and thoughtful.

#14 Laughter controls your blood pressure and keep it stable.

#14 It is a kind of exercise to keep you well.

#15 It also improves your memory and alertness.

I would like to share some clean jokes to let you experience the magical laughter:-

Once a girl visits to physician and tells: Whenever i try to touch any part of my body , i feel pain. Like when i try to touch my wrist, i feel pain, when i try to touch my foot, i feel pain..
Physician replied: Thanks for describing, Now I have come to know about your problem.
Girl: Please tell.
Physician: Your finger is defective.

Sim: Do you know what is Hospitality?
Rob: Yes, It is great human virtue. You try to make feel your guest like he is at his own home. but you yourself wish they were at their own home and takes good care.

Girlfriend: Dear, i don't know why but whenever i take coffee, i feel hurt eyes..
Boyfriend: You must have forgot your spoon in it..you drink.

What does a meeting mean?
It is a kind of practical alternative of not doing work.

So got the point? I expect, at least you could try to smile on above jokes and i am sure it is going to cost you nothing. Enjoy and have laughter whenever possible. It is the cheapest way to keep yourself healthy and happy. Love life and life will love you back.

One more important quality you should learn which is laughing on yourself. Yes, it is the best way to keep yourself safe. When you laugh on your mistakes, you dis-empower others who try to make fun of you. You become master and sad time can not come into your circle.

Also we would love to hear about the things make you laugh. You can share your any incident, joke or anything. We are eager to know.

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