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Dentist: I have treated your tooth well. Now you will not have any toothache, but you will have a stomachache..
Patient: Why?
Dentist: Because you have swallowed my steel forceps..

Bank clerk: Boss, there is no more space to keep office records. Can i throw away all old files?
Bank Manager: OK, you can do that. But do not forget to keep two xerox copies of each record.

Two sleep men were about to board the train when they saw a signboard mentioned: Dogs and cats must be carried.
"Hold it," said one of them.
"From where we suppose to get dogs and cats at this part of night?"!!

A drunken man staggered to his car and fumbled with his keys. The policeman watching him and asked, "I am sure you do not intent to drive in this condition," The drunken man answered, "Yes, I do intend to drive because I am no condition to walk either."

John: People waste water a lot. Soon there will be no water on the earth!!
Roan: No problem! We can use milk instead of water.

Sammy: I know of a table that can catch a thief..
Lisa: Really? Give me one too.
Sammy: I know only one, and he is called a constable..

Boy comes to home..
asked his wife: Fast, Pack your bag, I have won Rs.50000$ in lottery..
Wife: Great!! Where are we going?
Boy: Nowhere? Just pack your bag and go away..]