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Laugh in a Seconds like crazies on these truly funny Jokes

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We never leave any stone unturned to entertain our readers so here we come again with some of the truly funniest jokes to make you/anybody laugh in seconds.

We truly believe that life should be full of smile and you can count on us for this because we are entertaining the world from over a decade. So read, enjoy and share the best collection of newest pranks here:

1.) Husband with friend: I got up early in the morning and went to kitchen and made tea.
Than I got remember that wife has gone to her mom's house.
I am thinking: Was that love or her fear..

2.) Some boys luck is so bad that even in the game of keram, they won't win the queen.

3.) Wife: It is height. How many things a wife should take care? You, your family, your kids, your parents?
Husband: You just take care of your tongue everything else will be taken care of automatically.

4.) My tension increases when friends asks extra sheet in exam.

5.) The pain of break up can be expressed by a girl who recharges her phone herself.

6.) Wife: I would have been 'Time', everybody would have respected me.
Husband: Nope, Everybody would have said that Oh no, see bad time is coming..

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