Cute and Innocent

Julie: How will you react if your wife runs off with your friend?
Rocky: Feel bad for my friend..

Boy: I am getting married next month... its small party and only few and special people are invited..
Friend: Tell, what gift you need on that occasion
Boy: Bring someone to marry me.!!!!

Man to his friend: You Know, my wife's teeth are like stars....
Friend: How can you say this???
Husband: They come out every night !!

Q: What should you give the man who has everything?
A: A woman to show him how to work it...

Man: When a newly married couple smiles, everyone knows why.
But when a 14 year old married couple smile, everyone wonders why?

Girl: Do you think i will lose my look as i get older?
Boy: Yes, if you are lucky!

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